TISA is a collaboration of five inclusive sport providers, who exist to ensure that Tasmanians with disability have the opportunity to access and participate in sport.

We believe that physical and social activity through sport has the power to change lives — and we’re passionate about increasing participation by providing welcoming, dynamic programs! We also know that with our support, ‘mainstream’ sport can become more inclusive too.

The five founding partners of TISA are New Horizons Tasmania, Paralympics Tasmania, Paraquad’s Physical disability Sports Tasmania, Reclink Tasmania and Special Olympics Tasmania.



Using sport, arts, and recreation, Reclink uniquely connect with those most vulnerable in our community. We offer participants community connection and deliver social, physical and mental health outcomes that benefit individuals and entire communities

Reclink understands there are severe barriers to participation, and we aim to give all our participants a sense of belonging and belie. We work with people with a disability, the homeless, individuals battling alcohol and drug issues, those experiencing mental health, migrants and people affected by domestic violence.

If you think we can help participants you work with, please contact us through reclink.org.



Special Olympics Australia provides Sporting Opportunities and pathways for participants of all ages with Intellectual Disability.

Special Olympics Australia offers a number of sporting programs throughout Tasmania which allow easy access for participation across the State. If you would like to participate in one of our programs please visit our website at specialolympics.com.au/tas to see what options are available to you, or email info.tas@specialolympics.com.au for further info.



New Horizons Tasmania have ben been delivering vital inclusive sport and recreation opportunities for Northern Tasmanians people with disability since 1986 and are delighted to be now working state-wide.

Working in partnership with sporting bodies, government, sport clubs, community groups and schools, New Horizons is a volunteer-based organisation with a purpose to enrich lives by ensuring that everyone in our community has the chance to reap the benefits of being physically and socially active.

To learn more, go to newhorizonstas.org.au or call 03 6326 3344.


PARAQUAD TASAMANIA  –  Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania

Paraquad Tasmania is the leading voice for Tasmanians living with Spinal Cord Injuries and other physical disability, and through their Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania (PdST), the state’s leading provider of wheelchair sports.

PdST run programs including Wheelchair Basketball and AFL, Boccia, Darts, 8Ball and Wheelchair tennis in the South, North and North West of the state for all ages and abilities.

For further information, please visit pdstasmania.org.



Paralympics Australia (PA) is well known for preparing and sending the nation’s top athletes with a disability to the Paralympic Games, but playing sport is not just about wearing the green and gold! PA also exist to advance Para-sport in Australia and, in doing so, be a catalyst for a more inclusive society.

PA has recently employed a Participation & Pathways Coordinator for Victoria/Tasmania to support para-sport participation opportunities at all levels, including to increase classification and support pathways for talented athletes. With 28 para-sports across summer and winter programs, there is sure to be a para-sport for you!

For more information about Paralympics Australia and how we could support you, please contact scott.nicholas@paralympic.org.au or visit paralympic.org.au/get-involved/.

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