Need support in becoming more inclusive? New Horizons can help!

New Horizons Tasmania is privileged to be playing a part in building inclusive communities across our state, through a commitment to providing dynamic inclusive sport and recreation.

New Horizons Tasmania works closely in partnership with national and state sporting bodies as well as with local clubs and organisations, aiming to ensure that athletes with disability are given the same opportunities as all others. Equally as important is making sure athletes with disability have a fantastic experience following their chosen pursuits and that they are truly welcomed in to a group.

Our team are experts in supporting people with disability in sport, as well as supporting ‘mainstream’ organisations in providing sporting and recreational opportunities. We’re pleased to be available to work with sport and recreation groups (as well as businesses) on developing and implementing terrific inclusion strategies.

New Horizons Tasmania athlete ambassadors are also available to work with your group — we can’t overstate how valuable it is to gain advice from people with lived experience in this area,

Sports inclusion is not only vital for people with disability and their families — it actually benefits everyone. Individuals flourish, teams strengthen, and the ‘family’ nature of clubs takes on a whole new relevance.

If you’re interested in working with New Horizons on becoming an inclusive, welcoming group for Tasmanians with disability, we’d love to hear from you.