Retail Checklist

Thank you for taking the time to explore our Retail Checklist to improve the inclusivity of your retail venue. Please read the tips below covering the following categories: Physical accessibility, Communication & Sensory.

Retail Checklist

Physical Accessibility

  • Ensure level access without steps/bumps.
    • If shop entry incorporates steps, install handrails and have a moveable ramp available.
  • Ensure your spaces are wheelchair accessible, including:
    • wide aisles.
    • at least one accessible change room.
    • adequate space at the register area.
  • Offer a two-person change room, so a support person may accompany a shopper with a disability.
  • Have a portable EFTPOS ‘tap & go’ machine that can be moved from the countertop.


  • Greet and address people with a disability first, and then their support person.
  • Speak directly and give personal assistance to the customer, not their support person.
  • Demonstrate focus and patience towards customers with a disability, who may require extra time to state their enquiry, or require special assistance throughout the sales process.
  • Offer a ‘’tap & go’ payment option for ease of use.


  • Offer a sensory space/spot (in the quietest part of the shop) with a comfortable chair. Have a sign on the counter stating “Ask us about our sensory space, if you need it :)“.
  • Train staff to lower music significantly if they notice a person in the shop struggling with sound. The stereo can easily be turned-up again when appropriate.
  • Ensure there are no flickering or flashing lights.
  • Consider offering a regular ‘sensory hour’ where people and families with sensory disorders may shop in a low-light, music-free environment.
  • Train staff to offer support to shoppers and people with sensory distress.
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