About New Horizons Tasmania

New Horizons Tasmania has provided sport, recreational and social opportunities for local people with disability since 1986.

NHT welcome members with any disability (intellectual, physical, spectrum disorders, mental health issues, severe anxiety) from ages 5 years and up, as well as their families.

You can join NHT as an individual or a family by paying a nominal annual membership fee.

Currently NHT runs 18 programs a week in Northern Tasmania and new satellite programs in Hobart, 48 weeks a year. Sports include AFL, Cricket, Futsal, Boccia, Tennis, Running, Taekwondo, Swimming, Tenpin, Bowls and Gymnastics. Recreational activities include Song & Dance and Craft.

We also host carnivals, lots of social functions and interstate sporting trips.

NHC often work in conjunction with national disability organisations such as Sports Inclusion Australia, Special Olympics and the Paralympic movement to provide pathways for athletes with disability. Our main premise, however, goes far beyond these offerings. NHC's primary aim is to enrich the lives and maximise the health of our members through regular inclusive activity.

Sport and inclusion really does have the power to change lives.

Our members benefit hugely from our partnerships with mainstream sporting bodies (including AFL Tasmania and Cricket TAS) and clubs, who lend and lease us their venues and equipment, and welcome us to play and participate amongst their membership.

Outcomes from these relationships and our programs include:

To NHT, it's about offering EVERY person the chance to enjoy the benefits of an active, inclusive life. Our members know the confidence that comes from being part of a very tight, supportive team, that encourages them to 'get out amongst it' at their own pace. It's from here that wonderful things grow!

At New Horizons Tasmania, we KNOW that if people with disability are actively encouraged to take part in physical and social activities, then this will absolutely have a positive effect on their health and self-esteem through their lifetimes.

CEO - Belinda Kitto

Belinda Kitto has been the Manager, now CEO of New Horizons Tasmania since January 2006. Belinda is passionate about helping all members to improve their health and well being through participation in sport and fun and meaningful social activities. Belinda is happy to meet with new members to identify their interests and introduce what we have available.

Communications, Partnerships and Marketing - Edwina Dick

Southern Co-ordinator - Stuart Schultz

Office Assistants - Ruth Symons, Lucy Glover, Saskia Van Heek

Office hours – Mon-Fri 9.30am to 3pm

Board of Management

Executive Board Members:

Chairperson: Andrew McCarthy
Finance Director: Justin Marshall

Board of Directors:

Scott Schilg
Leanne Arnott
Melody West
Phil Moir
Lorna Wilson

Public Officer:

Belinda Kitto


Peter & Tess Rae, Hon Jim Wilkinson

Life Members

Robyn Hanson, Reg & Joy Terry, Tess Rae, Glenice Walker, Maureen Roberts, Jo O'May, Ruth Symons